The Battlescape massacre was an infamous glitch which allowed players to attack outside the wilderness. This is how it happened. Not long before November, Palidino had annouced a new 317 cache server is going to replace Battlescape. The mods rebelled at this, although they could not do anything. Not long after, Robobg found a glitch which occurred when you teleport from Bounty Hunter to Crater. This was explained to Robobg infamous glitch partner, Riku. Riku went on to tell the mods of this glitch. Although many people abused this glitch before the 6th November 2009 but the real riot happened on that day. The mods, including ISaetanic, Simplemind and No Go Joe caused the riot. After the abusers were disconnected, Simplemind went on to log on to Palidino76 using No Go Joe's account and changing the password. He went on to drop items such as 5000 whips by using the ability that Palidino76 could spawn. The server finally ended when Simplemind deleted all the threads, nearly 2000. The new server was released in March 2010 but is claimed to not be as good as Battlescape Isle.

There was a YouTube video of the whole incident uploaded by Simplemind, but he deleted the video.